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May is Allergy Awareness Month: The Difference Between Allergies and Intolerances

 By Timothy Prentiss Staff Writer Kirkman Group, Inc.   For decades the rate of allergies has been rising. Media coverage and general awareness of the subject have likewise risen. Clearly there are benefits to this growing awareness: restaurants are more … Continue reading

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Avoid Seasonal Health Issues: Kirkman’s Specialty Supplements Can Help Support Your Immune System

  By Timothy Prentiss Staff WriterKirkman Group, Inc. It’s that season again! No, not the holidays—I’m referring, rather, to winter and the seasonal health issues that it can bring. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to consider giving that immune … Continue reading

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Make Sure the Probiotic Strains You Select Meet Your Specific Needs

The hypothesis that certain intestinal microorganisms support good health is not new. The idea is usually credited to Nobel laureate Elie Metchnikoff, who believed Bulgarian peasants were unusually long-lived due to their consumption of yogurt.1 He believed that there were health-supporting … Continue reading

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Kirkman® Introduces Glutathione Assist to Help the Body Support Glutathione Production

Kirkman’s new, Glutathione Assist, was formulated particularly for those with weakened immune systems. This proprietary product offers multiple ingredients aimed at helping the immune system body function better so that the body can better naturally produce glutathione.

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