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Teri Arranga is a consultant to Kirkman® Labs.

Consider Good Nutrition as a Back-to-School Basic

  While reading, writing and arithmetic are the basics of a child’s education, there is something even more basic that makes learning possible. It’s good nutrition, of course! Some basic nutritional building blocks are vital for children to grow, concentrate … Continue reading

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Protecting Children from Mitochondrial Toxins is Essential to Their Good Health

By Teri ArrangaContributing WriterKirkman Group, Inc.    “Molecular and cell fetal remodeling derived from exposure to mitochondrial toxins in utero may have long term consequences of unknown severity.” This was the conclusion reached by researchers in Spain about potential danger … Continue reading

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YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB: Expert Suggests Alkalizing the Body to Make Your Supplements Go Farther

  By Teri ArrangaContributing WriterKirkman Group, Inc. Nutrition and diet counselor Betsy Hicks gave easy-to-do tips for meal planning and supplement use, during a presentation August 29 in Hollywood, CA. The key takeaway from Betsy’s presentation was that nutritional supplements … Continue reading

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You Can Dough It! Mixing Up Easy and Healthy Gluten-Free Bread

  By Teri ArrangaContributing WriterKirkman Group, Inc.  Going gluten free doesn’t have to be a burden and can still be chock full of healthful foods and nutrients! Here is a recipe for yummy bread that is sure to please!  It … Continue reading

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