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David Humphrey is President, C.E.O., and owner of Kirkman Group, Inc., a group of companies including Kirkman®, a nutraceutical company, Kirkman Labs, a pharmaceutical company and he is co-owner of Purity Laboratories, Inc, an environmental laboratory.

Beware of Botanicals

By David Humphrey President Kirkman Group, Inc.   The growing popularity of botanicals, has prompted nutritional supplement manufacturers like Kirkman to expand their use of herbal ingredients and botanical products offerings. We did not expect, however, to encounter the difficulty … Continue reading

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Kirkman’s Ultra Tested™

Why is Ultra Tested™ of such importance to your health and the health of your children? In this video, I provide an overview of today’s increasingly toxic world, and discuss why Kirkman® felt that developing the strictest testing regimen in … Continue reading

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