Have a Happy and Healthy 2020!

Welcome to the New Year 2020 this is your future!  You can make it whatever you want.  That is why when you make New Year’s resolutions, make them count.  Make the goal achievable, sometimes small starts are best.  I love all the new diet commercials on TV now and the great exercise equipment that will change your life!  (If you can afford them.)  But how do you start? Look at your daily routine?  You know what a good habit is and what is a bad habit, so can you leave out the soda’s or cut down on the junk food?  Can you put in a walk or run?  Even just stretching every morning can start your day to be better. 

Write your goal down, tell someone. By telling someone you increase your chances that you will stick to it.  It might help to schedule time for your goal, so you get used to doing it.  Once you have a good routine then you can ease up on the scheduling.  Celebrate the small achievements, you did it for a week, 2 weeks, and you made a month!!  All great reasons to celebrate. You can add a new goal once you reach your goal. Just make sure you are making goals that are attainable.  My friend has decided to add more vegetables to her family’s meals. The goal can be anything, even putting down the devices and talking at the dinner table, the choice is yours!

At Kirkman we know that it is not a perfect world and your body needs different nutrition throughout your day; Kirkman is here to help you with your nutritional needs. Have a Happy Healthy 2020!

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