The Most Wonderful Day of The Year!

The Most Wonderful Day of The Year!

It is almost here the most wonderful day of the year, December 26th, when it is all over and you can relax!! For some reason it seemed that we skipped Halloween and Thanksgiving and went directly to Christmas!  I was in Costco and it was not even close to Halloween and they had decorations for Christmas!  Yikes! I felt I was behind but then remembered I still had over 8 weeks. Yes, I am one of those people who like holidays one at a time in the store and on TV, Netflix or cable!!  Give each holiday a chance!

In the nutritional world we are always talking about less stress but society is telling us we are behind or must go faster.  We need to unplug, step back and breathe!!  What is important to you and your family? The answer I get most often is health, so why is it we do not pay more attention to what we eat or feed our families?  I hear all kinds of reasons, but it boils down to time.  As I mentioned before, we are all running around and not giving any extra thought to what we put in our mouth.

As we look into this new year of 2020, lets make some goals for lifestyle changes.  They do not have to be big changes, maybe instead of eating out 4 times a week you only go out 2 times a week. Then plan out what to make for dinner a few days in advance so you have all the ingredients. Have your family help you prepare the meal.  Better yet sit at the table and talk! 

Another good change can be to cut down on sugar. According to the NH DHHS-DPHS-Health Promotion in Motion ( 200 years ago Americans consumed only 2 pounds of sugar a year, in 1970 Americans consumed 123 pounds per year and today Americans are consuming 152 pounds per year.  That’s 6 cups of sugar a week, and it is still rising.  Reading ingredient labels can help you in your decision on

what items to buy.  Every 5 grams of sugar are equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar; you can make it a game with the kids to figure out how many teaspoons of sugar are in a product and if it is a good choice or not.  Sugar is overused but food producers are smart since sugar is addicting, they add it to our foods, and you want more! Eating more can cause weight gain and cause many other issues in our bodies.

Pay attention to reading labels on the food you purchase.  If you cannot pronounce the words on the ingredient label, then you really should not be eating that food.   I tell clients to shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store, that is where all the fresh food is at. 

The American diet, also known as the SAD diet – Standard American Diet, does not have the dietary nutrition that it once had.  So how do we get back some of the nutrients that we need and are not getting in our SAD diet of today?  The supplements that can help are a good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral, Probiotic and Vitamin D.  Kirkman has many products to choose from to best fit your needs. 

Take a look at your New Year, relax, slow down and get healthier!


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Rhonda Mulford is the Director of Services for Kirkman Group, Inc., and has worked for Kirkman Group for fifteen years. As the Director of Services, she leads Human Resources, Customer Service (retail, international and professional), and Shipping.
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