Winter Winds and Drier Skin! What Is A Body to Do?

Do you ever notice when you get into cold weather that your hands feel dry and your lips start to chap? You are losing water out of your body much like a dehydrator. Your skin is a very important organ and when you notice drying you should start to support your immune system.

Even though it is only a few millimeters thick your skin is still your heaviest and largest organ, making up about a seventh of your body weight! Your skin is the first level of defense against bacteria and other microbes. Your skin can also make sweat and oils that protect it and work to keep you healthy.  Skin also holds you together – without it we would look pretty weird.

I’m not sure many people think about what their bodies do to keep them in running order.

Along with skin you have other first line defenses –

In your eyes tears wash away small particles of dust and other bacteria that may be trying to invade your eyes. Did you know that tears also have antibodies that fight off bad bacteria!

In your mouth saliva is also working for you; digestion starts with amylase in the saliva which helps break down food and prevent infection. Did you know saliva is 99.5% water + 0.5 solutes?

Then you have your nose, in addition to keeping your glasses on, it has tiny hairs that work like a filter to keep dust and microbes out!

You also have your digestive system that works to get all of the nutrition out of the food we eat so we can stay healthy. That is why we hear so much about probiotics these days.

This is all your first level of defense.

So with such good coverage, why do we still get sick then?

First most people do not drink enough water to keep all of these defenses going. I really mean water – not soda, coffee, tea, energy drinks or the hundreds of other drinks out there. A lot of them are dehydrating! Water is a great start to any recovery.

Secondly, when you get a cut or scrape on your skin you allow pathogens in without knowing it.  I know when I was in school, I found it so interesting that bacteria are alive and viruses are not.  That is why antibiotics do not work on viruses.

What can we do to keep our immune system strong? 

I am going to say it again WATER, washing hands, eating well-balanced meals. That’s not a burger joint by the way. If you feel you need more help during this cold and flu season, take a good multi-vitamin and add a probiotic for your gut health; keeping it strong is very important. Get some exercise – go outside for a hike and enjoy the upcoming beauty of the holiday season. Do not forget your vitamin D, since the sun is not out as much.  We all know that vitamin C and Zinc are good for colds, but by building up your resources you may escape the cold season or get over it faster.  Kirkman has many more Immune System Support products for you to choose from by clicking on the highlighted words above.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!!

About Rhonda Mulford

Rhonda Mulford is the Director of Services for Kirkman Group, Inc., and has worked for Kirkman Group for fifteen years. As the Director of Services, she leads Human Resources, Customer Service (retail, international and professional), and Shipping.
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