Autumn Colors

Maybe it’s just me and that I am a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, but as the trees are changing to the brilliant colors of fall yellow, orange, red and more, I can’t help thinking I have seen these colors before but not on trees.  Then in the grocery store in the fruits and vegetables section, the light bulb went on as I looked into my shopping cart and there were the colors!  Red, orange and green peppers, bananas, beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips, apples, leeks and leafy greens. I had fall in my cart.  It made me smile because I am always telling my clients to eat colors of all types in the vegetable world. Why? They are packed full of healthy vitamins, minerals, fiber and flavonoids; all of which are great for your health especially during the season of changing weather.  Maybe that is why fall is a time of stews, soups, salads and squashes. Are we prepping our bodies for the cold and flu season?  One wonders what mother nature has figured out for us. 

Eating as fresh as possible is always a good thing but when you cannot in the busy, bustling world of today supplementation is a good way to keep your immune system in good condition.  Some of the supplements that are good to put on your shopping list, if you are not getting a colorful diet this fall, include  a good multi vitamin, probiotic, EFA and Vitamin D.  Kirkman has many to choose from; from adults to children we can help you with your supplementation needs!!


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Rhonda Mulford is the Director of Services for Kirkman Group, Inc., and has worked for Kirkman Group for fifteen years. As the Director of Services, she leads Human Resources, Customer Service (retail, international and professional), and Shipping.
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