We’re Updating Our Labels!

Kirkman® has a new design for our labels. Over the next year, you will see more of Kirkman’s products relabeled with our new label design until we replace labels on all of our Kirkman® branded products.

 New elements of the new design include:

  • Gold banding to highlight important visual areas and information.
  • Icons or graphics that identify the free of status for six common allergens including gluten, casein, dairy, eggs, nuts and GMO.
  • More visible “Gluten Free” and content description text (i.e. 360 vegetarian capsules).
  • A QR code linked to Kirkman’s website.

You may see some products where an alpha designation has been added to the product number, which is strictly for Kirkman’s accounting of its market channel.

We will also be changing the bottle sizes of some products to consolidate our bottle inventory, which will result in faster delivery of products to you.

Perhaps the biggest design change is the replacement of our Ultra Tested® seal with our Purity Tested® seal that we think customers will understand and like better.  The new Purity Tested seal will certify the exact same protocol for testing 900+ environmental contaminants as our Ultra Tested® seal. 

Also, all product formulas will remain the same for each product number.     

We hope you like our new design and we’d like to know if you do. Please e-mail us your comments to webmaster@kirkmangroup.com.

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