Kirkman® Adds CBD Hemp Oil Tincture to Its Hemp Oil Product Line

Kirkman® has just added CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Discomfort, Anxiety and Stress (#0978-001) to its hemp oil product line.  It offers full-spectrum hemp phytocannabinoid extract, with 16 mg of CBD (cannabidol) per serving.  The oil, which is coconut based, has a delicious vanilla/almond flavor.  It can be taken on the tongue or sublingually with the dropper provided.

Kirkman® tests its CBD oil for THC (so it’s below the legal limits), 950 environmental contaminants, 24 heavy metals and common allergens.   These laboratory tests ensure that our CBD oil is consistent from batch to batch.

Why Buy Kirkman’s Hemp Oil Products?
The quality of hemp oil products in the marketplace varies widely. Concerns of both
buyers and sellers of hemp oil products include:

    • consistency in efficacy – the product works one time and then not the next;
    • consistency in ingredients – contents that don’t match the label claim including more THC than stated; and,
    • unwanted contaminants from heavy metals and pesticides because of the organic nature of the ingredients.

Kirkman’s quality of cannabinoid (CBD) products is superior to other cannabinoid products in the marketplace because of the rigorous laboratory testing to which it is subjected.

Kirkman® applies its “Purity Tested 950+” laboratory testing protocols that require each hemp oil product to be tested for more than 950 environmental contaminants including pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals and also 24 heavy metals. No other supplement company in the world offers this degree of purity testing.

Other products in our Kirkman’s hemp oil product line include: 


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