Supplements Can Help With New Year’s Resolution About Your Health

According to the Washington Post, 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but just 8% keep them, according to research from the University of Scranton.

Why?  According to the experts – it’s because the goals are too vague, Inc. magazine reported.  Most often the progress is not guided by measurable objectives.  When it comes to resolutions regarding better health and health habits, supplements and their benefits can provide the measurable impetus that can help maintain your enthusiasm for your efforts to better your health.

If you have any of the following goals on your list of resolutions for 2019 consider taking a dietary supplement that can help.  Taking a supplement is a measurable way of addressing your health goals.  The payoff too is easily measured by whether or not you feel better.  And feeling better is a great incentive to keep going.

Goal 1:  Get More Sleep

2018 CDC study showed that one third of Americans don’t get enough sleep.  7 hours is what you should have, they say.  So if you think you are the one out of three not getting your beauty rest – these sleep aides can help:

Goal 2:  Have More Energy

Stress consumes huge amounts of energy.  Controlling stress and eating a healthy diet are important factors in getting more energy.  An easy way to get more energy is by taking the the “energy supplements” – vitamin Bs.  Actually B vitamins don’t provide the energy but rather they enable activities that fuel the brain to regulate moods and the transmission of messages.  If you are low in vitamin Bs, you will probably feel the increase in energy immediately.  Kirkman® offers a wide variety of vitamin B supplements. Our most popular vitamin B products are:

Goal 3:  Be Less Stressed

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, stress will consume enormous amounts of your energy if left unchecked.  Supplements recommended for stress have unique characteristics – be sure to read about them on Kirkman’s website before choosing one.  Our most popular supplements for stress include:

Goal 4:  Improve Digestion

Eating gluten and casein free have long been important in the special needs community.  Eating gluten free has become popular with the general public in recent years.  According to the market research company, NPD, around 26 to 30 per cent of adults in the U.S. say they are reducing their gluten intake.  All of Kirkman’s products are gluten free. 

Kirkman® offers a wide range of probiotics and enzymes to improve digestion.  Probiotics add good bacteria to balance out the bad bacteria that may be causing gastro distress.  Enzymes are live organisms that accelerate chemical reactions necessary in digestion. 

Our most popular digestion aides are:

Goal 5:  Get the Nutrients You Need

Getting the right amount of nutrients from food or supplements sets a foundation for good health.  Choose a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement as an insurance policy against lacking nutrients that you need for optimal health.  (See article above  “Put this on your New Year’s Resolution List:  Take a Multivitamin!!”).

About Kulani Mahikoa

Kulani Mahikoa is Vice President and Marketing Director of Kirkman Group, Inc. She has had successful careers both as a journalist and as an entrepreneur.
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