The Payoff Can Be Huge! Start A Basic Nutritional Supplement Regimen in 2018!

By Kulani Mahikoa
Executive Vice President
Kirkman Group, Inc.


New Year’s resolutions can feel monumental, particularly when it comes to maintaining healthy habits or getting rid of unhealthy habits.

We all know the hardest part is just getting started. What may help is identifying and taking a first, solid step. At best, you’ll see the benefits and at minimum, you’ll feel proud of yourself for starting down the path of accomplishing your goals.

Adding the basic, foundational nutritional supplements to your daily diet may have huge payoffs, particularly if you have nutritional needs to address. The right supplement regimen can not only make you feel better but also actually BE healthier. 

Another benefit, which may not be apparent, but no less huge, is the acquisition of new superhero-like abilities that may protect you from developing future health problems. Even if you don’t work out three times a week at the gym or exercise at all – just adding the right supplements alone will be a boost to your health that you’ll notice.

Here’s our recommendation for a basic supplement protocol to keep you healthy in 2018:

• Balance Your Nutritional Profile

Make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need by taking a good multi-vitamin.  About 30% of us don’t absorb the B vitamins very well.  If you are one of them, you may want to choose a multi-vitamin with 5-MTHF, a form of vitamin B that is better absorbed by most individuals.  Here’s what we recommend:

• Remove Toxins 

A recent report by the EPA and CDC concluded that the environment had a greater role in causing chronic diseases than originally thought.  When you remove toxins from your system, you unblock the body’s pathways so that nutrients are more easily absorbed and utilized.  Today, toxins are ubiquitous in the water you drink, the food you eat and the air you breathe.  Your body is routinely exposed to and contains environmental toxins that can cause serious health issues.  Removing toxins from the body is good, common sense.  Our top detox products are:

• Boost Immunity

Your best defense against illness is a robust immune system.  Kirkman® offers many effective products to boost your immunity.  Our top two immune support categories are probiotics and vitamin D-3.  We offer both products in a wide variety of types (capsules, powders, chewables).

• Get Immediate Results

Most of us are encouraged by getting immediate results.  Taking Kirkman’s Methylcobalamin Concentrated Powder (#0292-002) maybe uplifting right away if you are low in vitamin B-12.  Many of us don’t have enough vitamin B-12 because as we age, our ability to absorb vitamin B-12 from food is diminished.  Symptoms that indicate you may need to supplement with vitamin B-12 include fatigue, muscle fatigue, strange sensations, confusion, memory problems, mood swings, eye problems. Energy is the big pay-off from this product if your vitamin B-12 levels are low.

Have a Happy, Healthy 2018!

About Kulani Mahikoa

Kulani Mahikoa is Vice President and Marketing Director of Kirkman Group, Inc. She has had successful careers both as a journalist and as an entrepreneur.
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