Staff Picks . . . Kirkman’s Employees Share Their Favorite Supplements

Some of our best customers are our own staff members.  We recently asked staff members who many of our Kirkman Family members know, what’s their favorite Kirkman® product.  Here are our staff’s picks:


David Humphrey, President, CEO

Super Nu-Thera® was created by Kirkman® and Dr. Bernard Rimland, who was respected and loved by the special needs community.  We offer more than 350+ products now, but Super Nu-Thera® was our first product and it is still a favorite.

Larry Newman, Chief Operating Officer

One of my favorites is Thera Response (0300-180).  It is high potency, contains all “Daily Value” nutrients plus a small amount of P-5-P, choline and lithium plus 40% of the vitamin A comes from beta carotene, a form of vitamin A that’s safe for everyone.

Kulani Mahikoa, Executive Vice President

My favorite is Super Pro-Bio™ 75 Billion (0345-060).  I feel I need the high strength 75 billion CFUs that this product provides, plus it has a prebiotic that adds effectiveness. 

Rhonda Mulford, Vice President, Intl. Sales and Special Projects

My current favorite is our Inositol Pure Soluble Powder – Hypoallergenic (0329-454).  I’ve given it to our staff members because it calms us down and helps our stress, especially the week before Christmas. 

Amy Starke, Customer Service, Department Head

I love Kirkman’s Magnesium Sulfate Cream (0225-004).  It relaxes my muscles and helps me have a restful sleep.

Lisa Castro, Customer Service Representative

The supplement I look forward to taking each day and talk about the most with friends and family is Kirkman’s Methylcobalamin Concentrated Powder (0292-002).  Consuming the powder is very easy and tasty!  It is a bonus that our great tasting powder also provides a good amount of vitamin B-12 in a small serving and I notice its benefits immediately.

Juli Fair, Customer Service Representative

I have a lot of favorites, but right now I would say the d-Biotin 1000 mcg (0382-120).  Winter time always makes my nails super brittle and they break often.  Since taking the d-Biotin my nails are stronger and healthier than ever and break far less often.  The small capsule size also makes them really easy to take. 

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