Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies Treat Them to a Time-Honored Tradition

During the holidays, kiddos on restricted diets are surrounded by more than the normal amount of treats they can’t eat. 

The Christmas treat that will ease any feeling of deprivation is a batch of traditional sugar cookies that can be yummy, even without gluten, casein (GF/CF) or other common allergens.

Here is a wonderful recipe for GF/CF sugar cookies that you can make quickly and easily, even if you’re stretched for time with other holiday activities.  Give the job of decorating the cookies up to the kids to involve them in a time-honored tradition.  The trick is to give them lots of allergen free fixings to create cookie masterpieces like GF/CF sprinkles (for shiny stars), GF/CF pretzels (for trees and antlers), Paskesz Real Chocolate Chips (for faces) and GF/CF frostings that can be thinned with water to use as icing.

GF/CFG Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies


2 ½ cups GF/CF flour mix

2 tsps. Xanthan Gum

1 cup sugar or ½ cup No Sugar

1 egg or egg substitute

1 tsp. GF/CF baking powder

2 tsps. fruit juice (pear or apple)

1 tbsp. vanilla

Combine all ingredients and beat until well mixed. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill until firm. Roll the dough out onto a GF/CF flour or rice flour surface. Use the Chrismas tree or other holiday cookie cutter shapes of your choice. Place the cut-out dough at least 1” apart on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 6-10 minutes at 425°F or until nicely browned around the edges. Decorate

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