It’s That Time Again This Spring, Clean Toxic Free with Kirkman Kleen™ Products

By Kulani Mahikoa
Executive Vice President
Kirkman Group, Inc.

If the household cleaners you use smell like chemicals or perfume – they also may be toxic. Most common household cleaners contain ingredients that may be dangerous to your health. Read about some of these on our Toxic Room page by clicking the link.  The information may shock you. 

When we started the Kirkman Kleen™ line, there were few, safe household cleaner alternatives offered commercially. Unfortunately, most of us still shop at grocery stores where toxic free products are unavailable.  We developed Kirkman Kleen™ household cleaning products to be safe for families, but especially safe for sensitive individuals, babies, children, the elderly, those with environmental sensitivities and chronic health conditions – oh, and pets too.

Kirkman Kleen™ household cleaning products are free of toxic chemicals, common allergens, dyes, brighteners, perfumes and other potential irritants, which can negatively impact your health.  They are also environmental friendly with no negative effects on the environment including rivers, streams, plants or wildlife.

Try the Kirkman Kleen™ alternatives!

For Your Kitchen

• Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid (#9908-016)

Our Free & Clear Dishwashing Liquid is a powerful cleaner made without harmful chemicals or fragrances.

• Free & Clear Automatic Dish Powder  (#9909-032)

Our Free & Clear Automatic Dish Powder is fragrance and dye free and allergen free, but gets off all the tough baked on food particles and grease.

• Glass and All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser (#9915-032)

Kirkman’s Spray & Wipe Glass and All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is a versatile, effective yet safe general cleaner, which can be used on a variety of surfaces without the need to rinse. It makes glass sparkle!

For Pet Stains

• Kirkman Kleen™ Stainout (#9911-016)

This is a truly revolutionary product which utilizes enzyme producing cultures to digest and naturally remove unwanted stains and odors. Stain-Out works effectively on pet stains, food and beverage stains and organic waste discolorations. 

For Your Laundry

• Chlorine Free Oxygen Bleach (#9910-032)

Kirkman’s Chlorine Free Oxygen Bleach is a natural way to whiten and brighten your clothes.

• Free & Clear Laundry Liquid (#9912-032)

Kirkman’s Free & Clear Laundry Liquid concentrate is fragrance and dye free and rinses clean, leaving no residues on clothes.

For Your Produce

• Kirkman Kleen™ Produce Wash (#9914-016)

Produce has become a serious vehicle for unwanted health hazards in recent years. Kirkman’s Produce Wash is a product which can minimize those hazards by removing chemical sprays, waxes, soil and other unwanted residues which remain on produce when purchased through normal channels.

About Kulani Mahikoa

Kulani Mahikoa is Vice President and Marketing Director of Kirkman Group, Inc. She has had successful careers both as a journalist and as an entrepreneur.
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