Kirkman® Adds Organic Vitamin B-Complex to Its Organic Line

     By Larry Newman
    COO, Technical & Regulatory Affairs
    Kirkman Group, Inc


Kirkman’s Organic Vitamin B-Complex (0540-090) was formulated for individuals who prefer an organic vitamin B product. It is one of the few organic vitamin B complexes that offer nutrition from a significant amount of organic ingredients.

This product works synergistically with Kirkman’s other organic supplements currently offered, Organic Vitamin C (0529-090) and Organic Iron (0531-090). Since organic food contains very low concentrations of the B vitamins, this product is a significant advancement in organic nutritional products because of the higher organic nutrient concentrations. The B vitamins are also naturally derived as opposed to most other B-Complexes that contain synthetic forms of the vitamins.  


The vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and folic acid are derived from a certified blend of guava, holy basil, and citrus limon extracts of fruit, leaves and peels. The biotin is derived from an extract of Sesbania grandiflora leaves. Methylcobalamin is the B-12 source.

No non-organic processing aids are used in the manufacture of this product. Only organic rice hulls are utilized as an encapsulating aid. The capsule shell is a natural plant pullulan material, the only all-natural capsule shell available at this time.  The product is free of all common allergens.

Larry Newman

About Larry Newman

Larry Newman is Chief Operating Officer, Technical and Regulatory Affairs at Kirkman Group, Inc. He is one of the country's leading experts in the manufacturing of dietary supplements.
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