Here Comes the Sun – And It’s Alright! Four Supplements to Help You Through the Summer

Summer can bring mixed blessings because along with the fun of longer, lazier, sunnier days comes the scourge of summer pollen and allergies, bug infestations and seasonal environmental challenges like chlorinated swimming pools. 

You can use certain nutritional supplements to support health issues that summer may bring.  

Here are our top four recommendations:


1. Gastromune/Allergy Support 

Allergy symptoms occur when your body’s immune system overreacts to substances in your environment such as dust, mold and pollen and starts fighting them as if they were bacteria or viruses by releasing a biochemical called histamine. Gastromune/Allergy Support (#0367-120) is an herbal blend specially formulated to support healthy immune system response.

Kirkman® recommends taking a good, multi-strain probiotic such as Kirkman’s Pro-Bio Gold™ (#0442-060 or #0442-120) with Gastromune/Allergy Support to support beneficial intestinal flora. The probiotic will also work synergistically with this herbal blend for maximum benefit.

2. Magnesium 

 Magnesium supports breathing that can become labored if affected by pollen    and other allergens.  Kirkman® manufactures a variety of magnesium      products including Magnesium Malate 1000 mg  Hypoallergenic (#0373-  120)Magnesium Citrate Soluble Powder – Hypoallergenic (#0239-008)Buffered Magnesium Oxide – Hypoallergenic (#0257-250)Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate – Hypoallergenic (#0096-250) and Buffered Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder – Bio-Max Series (#0459-004). Magnesium is also known to lessen chlorine reactions from swimming in a chlorinated pool.

3. Sleep Products

Many individuals have a harder time getting the sleep they need because of longer daylight during the summer and the summer heat and humidity. Kirkman® offers wonderful sleep aids that are safe and effective such as Melatonin 1 mg Chewable Tablets (#0068-100)Melatonin Plus Magnesium – Hypoallergenic (#0037-100, #0037-250), Sleep Support Chewable Tablets (#0486-090)Restless Sleep Herbal Blend (#0539-060) and Children’s Chewable Chocolate Melatonin 3 mg (#0524-090).

4. Vitamin C 

Histamines help the body get rid of something that’s bothering you. They can make you sneeze, tear up or have another reaction that helps hustle the allergen out of your body.  Vitamin C has an effect on histamine in your system, and your body’s vitamin C levels also regulate your level of histamine release.  Kirkman® offers several vitamin C products including Organic Vitamin C (#0529-090),  Vitamin C – Hypoallergenic (#0024-100, #0024-250), Vitamin C 250 mg Chewable Tablets with Stevia-100 Count.

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