The Kirkman® Difference

By Larry Newman
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Technical & Regulatory Affairs
Kirkman Group, Inc.
All vitamin products are not the same. Kirkman® has been in the forefront of producing the highest quality pharmaceuticals and specialty nutritional supplements since our inception in 1949. We work with leading researchers, doctors and scientists in developing our products. Science and individual needs are what drive Kirkman’s product lines. Our mission and purpose is to offer the purest, most up to date, highest quality dietary supplements available in the marketplace and in the dosage forms which will be easy to administer to children, adults and individuals with special needs and special requirements. 




Kirkman® also formulates its products to be appropriate for the sensitive individual, or for those with allergic tendencies. These versions of our products are what makes up our very popular “Hypoallergenic” product line. The hypoallergenic line is free of casein, gluten, wheat, milk, soy, colors, artificial flavors, sugar, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish. Kirkman® also avoids corn wherever possible. Our products are continuously tested for all the common allergens recognized by the Food and Drug Administration. If there are any traces of any allergen, this is clearly stated after the ingredient list on the label. Test results are available for viewing upon request. 


This highest degree of quality in Kirkman® products has led Kirkman® to establish our Ultra Tested™ seal which is a program that ensures that all the raw materials that go into Kirkman® products and all the finished products that we sell are continuously monitored for potency, purity, allergens, PCB’s, pesticides, harmful chemicals, microbiological contamination and heavy metals content by our independent quality control department and by the outside  laboratories we utilize. This Ultra Tested™ program is the most comprehensive testing program in the industry with Kirkman® testing for 950 potential contaminants. Continuous high quality you can trust is the Kirkman® difference. Kirkman® started as the quality leader in dietary supplements and we continue to lead in this category over 50 years later.

Larry Newman

About Larry Newman

Larry Newman is Chief Operating Officer, Technical and Regulatory Affairs at Kirkman Group, Inc. He is one of the country's leading experts in the manufacturing of dietary supplements.
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