Kirkman’s CEO Signs Agreement with the University of Georgia to Establish a P2i Center of Excellence


Kirkman’s CEO, David Humphrey, acting in his capacity as President of The Forum Institute, signed an agreement with the University of Georgia, Atlanta (UGA), to establish the first “P2i (Preconception to Infancy) Center of Excellence.”  Representatives from UGA and The Forum Institute met on Sept. 9 to formalize the partnership at the UGA campus in Atlanta, Ga., where the center will be housed.

“As we envision it, the P2i Center of Excellence in Georgia has the potential to improve pregnancy outcomes and the proliferation of childhood health issues in the U.S. and globally.” Humphrey said.

David Humphrey, Kirkman® CEO

Set to begin operation in 2017, The P2i™ Center of Excellence will be will be headed by Dr. Jose Cordero. Cordero formerly served as Assistant Surgeon General of the Public Health Service and is currently the Patel Distinguished Professor of Public Health at the University of Georgia. He worked for the Centers of Disease Control for 27 years and has extensive experience in both pediatrics and epidemiology.

The Forum Institute will provide $2.4 million over the next two years to help fund the center of excellence. Established in 2001, the Forum Institute is widely recognized as the most successful think tank focused on special needs children. Their vision statement sets forth their goal to “significantly reduce chronic disease in the worlds’s children with prevention protocols.”  The Forum’s P2i initative also includes a virtual conference center where doctors, patients and researchers can converge to share information.

The Forum’s P2i initiative has a goal  to enroll 100,000 pregnant women from the United States in the P2i™ program. Children born to participants will be monitored for the first five years of life. Their treatments and outcomes will be collected in a database that can be used by researchers to improve treatment protocols and help researchers better understand how genetics, nutritional status and environmental exposures combine to influence health.

The P2i Center of Excellence will use the data it gathers to establish recommendations for best practices, with the goal of drastically reducing the instances of pregnancy problems and chronic health conditions for newborns.

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