Kirkman® Named Prenatal Nutritional Supplement Provider for P2i™ Program

By Timothy Prentiss
Staff Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc

 Over the past two decades, the rate of children born with chronic health conditions has doubled. One out of four children now has a special health need. Reversing this trend will require rethinking not only prenatal care but preconception as well. However, the changes that need to be made may prove to be surprisingly simple.

Prenatal Advanced Care Vitamin & Mineral Formula

 Kirkman’s new line of prenatal nutritional supplements, P2i Baby™, was designed to help improve the chances that mothers-to-be will have healthy, complication free pregnancies. But P2i™ (which stands for Preconception to Infancy) is more than just a line of supplements. The supplements themselves are just part of a broad, ambitious program that seeks to revolutionize pediatric and preconception/prenatal health care.

Sponsored by the non-profit think tank, the Forum, the P2i™ program has the objectives of promoting healthy pregnancies and reducing the chronic childhood health problems that are on the rise across the globe.

The program involves testing laboratories, a virtual, college-like campus and a vast data collection effort. A P2i™ Center of Excellence will be launched in 2017 in Atlanta, Ga. This facility will focus on exposomic research, with the goal of improving pregnancy outcomes. The program also includes a faculty of clinicians and researchers who will guide research and create a training program for P2i™ certified physicians and researchers.

Preconception to infancy campus

 Kirkman® was chosen by the Forum to be its supplier of nutraceutical products based on stringent criteria, including a standard for purity testing, that includes testing for more than 950 environmental contaminants that are potentially harmful to human health.

 The P2i™ supplement line is based on the work of P2i™ faculty member, Dr. David Berger. Dr. Berger is a board-certified pediatrician and owner of Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care in Tampa, Fla. He also offers preconception and prenatal counseling and testing for mothers-to-be. Dr. Berger’s patients have had extraordinarily low numbers of complications. His practice of addressing nutritional issues and minimizing toxicity levels in patients is the key to developing healthy babies.

Dr. Berger’s standard practice involves teaching prospective parents to minimize toxic exposures, then optimizing certain nutrients and balancing hormones such as the thyroid and cortisol. Ideally this is done before pregnancy, but if started during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, there is still a great benefit to the baby–and the mother too!

Dr. David Berger pediatricianDr. Berger particularly stresses the importance of vitamin D, iron, folate, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids that can be obtained from the diet as well as from nutritional supplements. His approach to nutrient testing is to optimize the values, not just to accept the bottom of the reference range.

These reference ranges are based on average amounts present in the blood of Americans, but he feels that it would be false to assume that most Americans are healthy.

For example, many doctors will recommend a vitamin-D blood level of 32 nanograms per milliliter. Dr. Berger recommends a minimum of 50ng/ml. For other tests, he aims to get the patient’s level to at least the 50th percentile of the lab’s range.

The approach seems commonsensical, and Dr. Berger is clearly doing something right. He claims his rates of preterm birth at his clinic, for instance, are about a tenth of the national average.

But we are still left with the question: which practices lead to which outcomes? Are Dr. Berger’s outcomes the result of the presence of high levels of nutrients or the absence of contaminants? Or a combination of both? Do blood levels of all nutrients need to be high, or is there one that is a silver bullet?

The answer is we don’t yet know, according to Dr. Berger.

He explains that as a doctor it’s his responsibility to do everything he can to ensure positive outcomes for his patients. This often means that he is offering many treatments at once, which makes his approach difficult to research. Ensuring, for instance, some of his patients have sufficient levels of zinc, but not vitamin D, would obviously be unethical.

“There must be ten things that I do differently with every patient from what happens at most clinics. So at this point I don’t know which one, or which combation, it is. But I can state that it appears that our wholistic approach to child bearing seems to be bringing wonderfully, amazing outcomes,” he says.

 However the P2i™ program, by gathering an enormous amount of data over the next few years, may be able to clarify these issues. By logging clinical data—nutritional, genetic, microbiomic, exposomic—for thousands of mothers and their infants, and comparing that data with outcomes, doctors will be able to see the connections between particular nutritional, genetic and environmental statuses and particular outcomes.

“The brilliance of P2i™ is that five to 10 years from now we’ll know. And in fact we’ll even know some things early on, because one of the main things we hopefully will see happening is cutting the risk of miscarriages and pre-term birth, and that you’ll see in the first year, obviously. That’s an easy outcome to measure,” Dr. Berger says.

The Forum’s goal is to enroll 300,000 pregnant women in the P2i™ program from the United States. Children born to participants will participate in the P2i™ protocol through their first five years of life. Treatments and outcomes will be collected in a database that can be used by researchers to improve treatment protocols and also to help researchers better understand how genetics, nutritional status and exposures combine to influence the risk of health problems.

Products in Kirkman’s P2i Baby™ nutritional line:

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  1. Thank you so much for your advice about the health and nutrition.
    ActuallyI have a daughter.She often get sick and I am really worried about her health. Many people give different advice. I take care of her health although she becomes sick and she misses her classes. I have to take sick leave often for her.Being sick most of the time is disgusting feeling.
    This article has improve her daily living and even her health. Now a days she is much more healthier and happy as well.
    I would like you to comment in Child Nutrition in order to make other people aware about the food they eat and the nutrition that our body need to perform daily activities.

  2. Adam Smith says:

    Hello Tim,
    It is a nice blog. Your blog is full of informative writings about nutrition. It is so impressive. Your blog will be helpful to parents if you write something about Child Nutritions . I highly appreciate you. Carry on. I found many information from you which i didn’t know about. So thank you guys and i’m hoping more this kind of article from you.
    Thank you once again

  3. joannaj honson says:

    Thank you for your informative writing over nutrition. I am looking for this kind of information for long time .

    I have two child and I don’t know the details about how to maintenance
    child nutritions plan / program .
    Can you please write something over child nutrition . once again thanks . I will be back your site to read
    your next article .

  4. Robert McSween says:

    This is such an amazing program that epitomizes the leadership from all those that have come together to address a generation in crisis. I have presented your P2i program in the greater Cleveland area as part of the Cleveland Clinic’s healthy community initiative, Cleveland is reported to have the highest infant mortality rate in the nation, we have been asked to present the program through the medical community and to the general public as part of prevention/intervention education in schools, churches, local business’s and corporations as part of their wellness programs. This is science in progress as part of the evolution – revolution in science and medicine. (“Prevention is the newest Cure”, Toby Cosgrove MD.)

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