Kirkman® Offers Our Top Gift Ideas for Special Kids

By Nora Heston Tarte
Contributing Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc.
Finding gifts for everyone, especially your special needs loved ones, can be a trying task this time of year. Kirkman® has some suggestions, to assist you in your gift-giving needs, starting with our top nutritional supplement suggestions.

Kirkman® offers more than 400 nutritional supplements to address a wide range of health issues.   Favorite gift ideas from Kirkman® include:

Melatonin:  Who couldn’t use a natural, safe, sleep support?  We have chewable tablets 1 mg (0068-100), and 3 mg  (0069-150), melatonin with magnesium capsules (0037-100 and 0037-250), and slow release tablets (0321-150) forms.


Kirkman’s Chocolate Supplements:  These are especially yummy chewable wafers with a creamy, chocolate taste.  Products include:  chocolate Pro-Bio Gold™ (0458-090),  chocolate calcium wafers (0520-120) and chocolate methyl B-12 (0523-120).



 Adult Advanced Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – Hypoallergenic Capsules:  Your adult loved ones need this to maintain a good nutritional profile.


Children’s Multi-Vitamin /Mineral Supplements:  We offer many types of children’s supplements including our proprietary Super Nu-Thera®, Nu-Thera® and Children’s Chewable supplements.



Kirkman Kleen® Line:  A line of household cleaning products, especially formulated for those with sensitivities.  The line includes: Chlorine Free Oxygen Bleach (9910-032)Free & Clear Automatic Dish Powder (9909-032)Free and Clear Dishwashing Liquid (9908-016)Free & Clear Laundry Liquid (9912-032)Glass and All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser (9915-032)Produce Wash (9914-016), Stainout (9911-016).

 Other Suggestions

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with a tranquil soothing nightlight. Several lines of sleep aiding toys boast fun, furry animals and varying sounds. The toys typically project colored lights on the ceiling meant to soothe sleepers, while a brightness-controlled lighting system can move with the ebb and flow of the display, or provide steady light with the flick of a button. Don’t forget to keep an ear out for your favorite sounds, some toys focus on soft animal noises while others focus on soothing lullabies. Some options will turn off automatically to save batteries, while others offer uninterrupted play.

 Looking for a fun stocking stuffer? Motion bubble toys come in an array of fun colors and work like an hourglass. The visually stimulating product offers a serene display of colors and shapes as the liquid elements squeeze, slip and slide from top to bottom. And the best part is the toys are typically made of durable materials to help them withstand constant handling.  Use them as a fun display in a child’s room or as comforting handheld toys.

For a child who struggles with social skills and may have trouble making friends or handling social encounters, board games that focus on interactions may help children master the skills they need to thrive in peer situations. To teach empathy, considered the most important factor of emotional intelligence, reach for games in which players practice showing empathy while engaging in exciting discussions with others.

 For younger children, there are games about exploring emotions. These allow players to get in touch with feelings through different imaginative scenarios,  including how to recognize someone else’s feelings as well as how to appropriately handle their own. For teens, sometimes the struggle is sparking a conversation with a stranger or a new friend. For these older children, there are card games that can teach teens how to break the ice with positive conversation starters. Some sets are portable so they can be available on the go.

Some kids are naturally drawn to books, and reading material is the easiest way for them to learn new skills. For young kids, activity books sometimes hold the key to recognizing how behavior positively or negatively affects their peers. For older kids, more complex skills can be investigated such as mastering manners.

 Babies, toddlers and preschoolers can learn cause and effect through traditional peg and hammer games. While they come in many shapes and sizes, wooden materials are often the first choice of parents looking to avoid plastics. These games encourage small hands to place colorful pegs along the top and hammer them through the one or more layers. As children hammer the pegs, they learn cause and effect as they watch them fall. These games teach other concepts, such as colors, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, to encourage progressive development.

Kids with busy hands benefit from tactile toys that encourage them to touch and manipulate items. Many companies produce toys called “fidgets” that offer a variety of textures, features and colors. These small toys are perfect for quiet time or for holding in restless hands while kids attempt to listen and follow directions. They also make good calming or transitional items. Tangle toys, also produced by many brands, are a common alternative; they present many of the same benefits of the fidget toys while also helping improve fine motor skills and reduce stress through repetitive movement.

Kirkman’s Ultra Tested® products offer adults and children all the health-boosting benefits of other brand-name supplements without the added environmental contaminants often present. 

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