Oorah! Maria O’Neil Wins Kirkman’s Veterans Day Photo Contest

Maria O’Neil is the winner of the Veterans Day Photo Contest! Her husband Tyler has served in the United States Marine Corps since 2003 and is a Staff Sergeant Select.

The photo was taken upon her husband’s return from deployment in Afghanistan in March of last year. It features her son 4-year-old Connor. She says the photo is so special because her son, who used to be non-verbal, was having an in-depth conversation with his dad.

Connor has lived with a compromised immune system since he was 18 months old. Since then, with the help of nutritional supplementation and biomedical treatment, he has seen vast improvements to his condition.

Maria has been using Kirkman’s products for over two years. She says these products have helped boost her son’s energy and attention levels.

As the winner of the contest, Maria will receive a $100 gift certificate for Kirkman’s products. Thank you Maria for being such a valuable customer and thank you Tyler for serving our country so bravely!

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One Response to Oorah! Maria O’Neil Wins Kirkman’s Veterans Day Photo Contest

  1. Kim Lewis says:

    Maria has been a long time friend of mine & I think she is an awesome mom!Hats off to all of those who fought for our country!

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