The History of Super Nu-Thera®

Many other companies have attempted to copy the Super Nu-Thera™ formula since Kirkman® introduced it in 1987.   We would not have made this product but for the esteemed, late Dr. Bernard Rimland whose research indicated that a particular combination of nutrients would help his son and others like him.

Dr. Rimland wrote to dozens of nutritional supplement companies to plead his case for formulating Super Nu-Thera®.  Kirkman® was the only vitamin company that agreed to help him make the product.  Over the years, Kirkman® and in particular, the late Ken Humphrey and Dave Humphrey, its owners, developed a great respect for Dr. Rimland’s vision in the area of certain special needs.  Many of Kirkman’s nutritional supplements were developed with the guidance of Dr. Rimland.

Super Nu-Thera® has a high concentration of vitamin B-6 combined with magnesium and 15 other active ingredients.  It took Kirkman® years of product development to produce a palatable product that kids would take.  The original Super Nu-Thera® formulation was actually a black goo that tasted bad but parents gave it to their kids anyway.

Today Kirkman® offers Super Nu-Thera® in many forms including capsules, caplets, powders, and liquids so that our customers can find a Super Nu-Thera® with the taste and texture that’s right for them.

With vitamin supplementation, no one product fits all.  Kirkman® also offers the Nu-Thera® line, Super Nuthera’s sister products with less vitamin B-6 and in a more absorbable form for those with increased hyperactivity.

Over the years, Super Nu-Thera® and Nu-Thera® products have been used by thousands of families around the world.  Kirkman® can’t tell you if the imitation products work, however, we can say that we often hear reports, like Teri’s (see article above) about Super Nu-Thera® from grateful customers.

About Kulani Mahikoa

Kulani Mahikoa is Vice President and Marketing Director of Kirkman Group, Inc. She has had successful careers both as a journalist and as an entrepreneur.
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