Google+ Hangout with Kirkman’s President and CEO, David Humphrey

Join us on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 11:00 am PDT to hangout with Kirkman’s President and CEO David Humphrey, live. David will give his insights on autism from the past to the future during this 45 minute live Google+ Hangout. He will also answer questions at the end of his presentation.

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Meet the Cooley Family: The 2014 Father’s Day Photo Contest Winners

The Cooleys have been loyal customers of Kirkman® since 2002 when their oldest son John was diagnosed with Autism. Nicole Cooley submitted the winning photo of her husband Patrick and their three sons. The photo was taken when Patrick was home for rest and relaxation during his first tour of duty in Iraq. Continue reading

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Kirkman Family Environmental Health Newswatch June 2014

At Kirkman® we closely follow news about environmental toxins and their effects. We know you deserve the latest news, so we include this column of recent stories in each Kirkman Family NewsletterContinue reading

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An Interview with Dr. Ferdinand: A Naturopath’s View of the Vital Vitamin D

By Hailee Vance, M.A.
Kirkman Group, Inc.   


Individuals whose vitamin D levels fall below 20 ng/ml are twice as likely to die prematurely, according to a study. Researchers at the School of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), looked at 32 studies that observed mortality rates of more than 500,000 subjects from 1966 to 2013. They concluded that individuals whose vitamin D levels were in the lowest 20 percent had double the death rate of those in the highest 20 percent. They also noted that more than 60 percent of the U.S. population falls below the healthy vitamin D cutoff point. {1}

This research is just one of many studies that show the importance of knowing your vitamin D status and taking the proper measures to reach and/or maintain healthy levels. Kirkman® spoke to Purity Laboratories Inc.’s naturopathic physician Dr. Valerie Ferdinand about the significance of vitamin D and why using a vitamin D dry blood spot testing kit may be a vital component to staying healthy.  Continue reading

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New Research Highlights Gut Health and DMG


By Teri Arranga
Contributing Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc.


Dr. Dae-Wook Kang authored the study.

“Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have significantly different concentrations of certain bacterial-produced chemicals, called metabolites, in their feces compared to children without ASD. This research . . . provides further evidence that bacteria in the gut may be linked to autism,” researchers found.1

This was reported in an American Society for Microbiology press release dated May 19, 2014,2 from the work of Dae-Wook Kang of the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University. Kang is an author on the new study, the results of which were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, held May 17-20 in Boston. Continue reading

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The Top 5 Supplements for Summer


By Angela Zuniga
Marketing Assistant
Kirkman Group, Inc. 

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for most families as physical activity picks up and daily routines change. From parties to sports practice to family vacations, it’s easy to forget to stay consistent with a supplement routine. In addition, it’s important to remember that your nutrient needs may vary with the changing seasons due to activities, temperature, availability of sun exposure and more.

Kirkman’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Larry Newman, offers suggestions to make sure you and your family’s changing health needs are met during this time of year with adequate supplementation. These supplements will help to keep you healthy and happy for every barbecue and play date.  Continue reading

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In the Kitchen With Kirkman®: Summer Barbecues

Nora Tarte


By Nora Tarte
Contributing Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc. 

Barbecue season has begun, and foodies everywhere are flocking to the grill to cook up some of their favorite summer recipes. While sun exposure and allergies are already threatening your immune system, it’s important to avoid food allergens that wreak havoc on the body. Go gluten free with the recipes below and check out our tips for avoiding food allergens at summer get-togethers. Continue reading

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