Kirkman® Family Environmental Health Newswatch January

At Kirkman® we closely follow news about environmental toxins, their effects and new studies affecting supplement care or stories related to our customers. We know you deserve the latest news, so we include this column of recent stories in each Kirkman® Family Newsletter.

environmentalGI Specialist Dr. Tim Buie Recognizes GI Issues in Autism and Proposes Resolutions
Watch this video for expert advice on facing the fierce reality of dealing with the gastrointestinal problems often associated with autism. Dr. Timothy Buie, of Mass General Hospital’s Lurie Center for Autism, discusses acid reflux in nonverbal patients with autism. READ MORE.

GOOD HEALTH: Ten Vitamins Women
Should Consume Daily
This article is a great read for those wondering if they’re getting an adequate vitamin supply. Women should pay attention to these particulary, and can supplement, to make sure the are getting the daily-recommended values to maintain good health! READ MORE.

Study: Vitamin D Intake Leads to
Improved Autism Symptoms
Doctors in China reported that treatment involving Vitamin D might have reduced symptoms of autism. The improvements in a toddler with autism were reported in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of PediatricsREAD MORE.


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In the Kitchen with Kirkman®: New Year, New Healthy You

Nora Tarte

Nora Tarte
Contributing Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc.


New year, new you! It’s the anthem of January – to eat healthy and make better lifestyle choices. Getting proper nutrients is important to everyone’s health, especially to children’s, but prominent food allergies and other gastrointestinal complications can make eating the right foods more difficult for families.

This is where Kirkman® can assist. With our 65 years of experience in manufacturing nutritional supplements, Kirkman® can help get your family on track with nutrition. Simply use Kirkman’s products to supplement your family’s diet and make eating right simple. It’s a good idea to buy products in bulk to save money and commit to meal prep to save time down the road.

Prepping family meals and snacks in advance can make committing to healthy eating much easier. Having nutritious foods on hand is convenient, so you don’t give your child a bag of unhealthy, salty chips to hold them over while you slave in the kitchen to create the perfect, well-balanced lunch  that they may not even eat because they filled up on junk food. 

Use the recipes below to make your family’s food wellness goals a reality. Because almost all of Kirkman’s supplements are gluten, casein and sugar free, you can serve up snacks from Kirkman® without second-guessing their nutritional value. There is no reason for people with food allergies to substitute their good health with unnatural, unhealthy foods that could lead to other discomforts.

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New Autism Link: Researchers Connect Molecular Protein Network to ASD


Erin Meyering
Copy Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc.  

New research shows that specific patterns of protein formed within the body may be linked to autism spectrum disorder. 

A group of researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine recently published an article detailing landmark findings in Molecular Systems Biology. The group studied the human protein interactome and known candidate genes for autism, paying close attention to a protein interaction molecule, which is commonly mutated in people with autism. 

“These observations strongly suggest that genetic alterations leading to ASD [autism spectrum disorder] might occur at different levels, perturbing gene regulation or affecting gene function, and highlight the importance of building an integrative model to study ASD, where genomic data from multiple independent dimensions are incorporated to reveal the hidden architecture of this disease.”1

Michael Snyder, director of the Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine, as well as the senior author of the paper, said during a recent interview with Kirkman® that the bottom line is recognizing that we have proteins that work together and that the brain is important [in understanding] autism.

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Glutathione Assist Helps the Body’s Ability to Produce the Super Antioxidant – Glutathione


Larry Newman
Vice President
Kirkman Group, Inc. 

Glutathione Assist is a remarkable product that promotes the body’s ability to naturally produce glutathione. The product is based on the work of Dr. Jill James of the University of Arkansas to stimulate glutathione production in children diagnosed with autism. She recommended a formula consisting of several nutrients she found to be successful in aiding the body’s ability to produce glutathione. These nutrients are incorporated in Kirkman’s Glutathione Assist.

Television personality and medical expert Dr. Oz calls glutathione “the most powerful antioxidant you’ve never heard of,” and a key to fighting off diseases. 

Glutathione is a biologically active sulfur tri-peptide containing three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. The largest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver, where it is used to detoxify and remove harmful compounds from the body. Glutathione is also an important component of several other organs and tissues, such as the brain, kidneys, lungs, intestinal tract and blood cells. 

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Versatility, Vigor and Vitality: The 3 V’s of Vitamin D-3


By Teri Arranga
Contributing Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc. 


Versatility, vigor and vitality speak of vitamin D-3’s many positive, health-supporting effects. Kirkman’s contributing writer, Teri Arranga, recently interviewed Susan Rex Ryan, author of Defend Your Life – Vitamin D-3: A Safe, Easy, and Inexpensive Approach to Improving Quality of Life.

After Ryan’s own health crashed in her early 50’s, she did extensive research to find out what was wrong and how she could boost her health, preferably with more natural remedies.

In the interview, Ryan shared a story of a doctor who had claimed there were virtually no cases of multiple sclerosis (MS) around the equator. There had been a case of MS in Ryan’s family and she was highly impacted by the doctor’s comments and felt there must be a strong connection between sunlight and a person’s health. Unfortunately, sunlight exposure can often be inconsistent and insufficient in the daily routine of many people.

Ryan believes that vitamin D-3 improved her quality of life and revitalized her. Her book seeks to provide help to others facing low energy and poor health. She also believes vitamin D-3 could be a simple step to help with symptoms associated with autism and many other issues.

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Kirkman® Family Environmental Health Newswatch: December

At Kirkman® we closely follow news about environmental toxins, their effects and new studies affecting supplemental care or stories related to our customers. We know you deserve the latest news, so we include this column of recent stories in each Kirkman® Family Newsletter.

New Study Suggests Association Between
Vitamin D Deficiency and Increased Risk of Death

Results from a recent study published in the BMJ found a higher risk of all-cause mortality among people with genetically low concentrations of vitamin D. READ MORE.

Coping With Holiday Stress and a Surplus of Food

Kara Reagon, Autism Speaks associate director for dissemination science, details how families can alleviate some of the stress associated with the holiday season. For autistic children, holiday foods and activities can be overwhelming. This article gives tips to make celebrating less of a hassle. READ MORE.

Arthritis Symptoms Can Improve with Proper Nutrition/Supplementation

A well-rounded diet with more than adequate nutrition can help improve painful arthritis symptoms. This article gives a couple of ideas of how people can get the nutrition they need from their food intake. Vitamin D and Omega-3 supplementation can also help. READ MORE.

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One Step Up: Kirkman’s Premium, High Performance Probiotics Are Different From the Average Supplement


By Larry Newman
Vice President
Kirkman Group, Inc.  

 Probiotics have become established as an important category in the nutritional supplement industry with more and more scientific evidence emerging suggesting probiotics can improve gastrointestinal health, improve immunity, lessen some allergic reactions and limit after-effects of taking antibiotics.

What exactly are probiotics and what do they do within your body?

Probiotics are defined scientifically as living microorganisms that, when ingested in sufficient numbers, can impart a health benefit on the host. Probiotic microorganisms are friendly, desirable and beneficial bacteria that help maintain the correct balance of good bacteria and bad (disease producing) bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract by crowding out the undesirable bacteria.  Approximately 100 trillion bacteria live in the human body, and generally healthy individuals have a ratio of about 85 percent good bacteria to 15 percent bad bacteria.  Good bacteria in the gut help to improve gastrointestinal health, improve immune response and aid in digestion. Good bacteria also break down toxic by-products of bad bacteria, which can help alleviate occasional diarrhea or constipation. 

Probiotics must be alive and viable to be effective!

It is important to remember that all probiotics are not created equal. Probiotics must be alive to be effective. Exposure to heat, moisture and oxygen are detrimental to the cultures and depending on the degree of exposure to those elements, the number of live organisms in the culture can be reduced or in extreme cases killed completely. Using a dead probiotic equates to not using a probiotic at all. When Kirkman® makes a claim on a probiotic label for a given number of colony forming units in a product, we back it up with the right operating procedures to guarantee that label claim and we perform ongoing stability studies to substantiate our best used by date when recommended storage conditions are met. 

Recently, an independent laboratory (Consumer Labs) did a survey of probiotic products in the marketplace and found that many products in the marketplace had little or no live bacteria. In fact, that laboratory found that many of the products tested had less than 1% of the claimed number of live bacteria. The lab also found that some companies don’t even make claims for the amount of live organisms present in their probiotics. Poor quality products like this are useless in supporting the gastrointestinal tract and immune functions. With Kirkman’s probiotics, you are getting what the label declares, which explains the phenomenal success rate our customers report with the use of our probiotics.

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