Kirkman® Introduces NEW Line of Senior Essentials Supplements

By Hailee Vance, M.A.
Kirkman Group, Inc.   


Ten thousand Americans enter the ranks of senior citizenship each day, making senior nutrition absolutely vital to society and to many households. Research has shown that proper nutrition in individuals aged 60 and above can help to mitigate certain disease conditions associated with aging. However, many seniors are not getting adequate nutrients from their diet alone. This month, Kirkman® launched their new 60 to 90 Senior Essentials supplement line to give seniors adequate nutrition and to help them attain 30 additional years of healthy living.

Kirkman’s Senior Essentials supplement line offers nine proprietary products that specifically target the nutritional needs of seniors. The line includes a multi-vitamin for women that helps to support the urinary tract and a men’s multi-vitamin with ingredients that support a healthy prostate.  Continue reading

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Naturopath Dr. Erica Peirson Shares Her Insights on Down Syndrome and How Supplementation Can Help

Dr. Erica Peirson found her passion for Down syndrome in 2007 after her son Miles was born and diagnosed with the condition. A naturopath since 2005 with a new practice, Peirson dove into the research and science regarding the condition. Since then she has been focused on this syndrome and how gene over-expression affects the body. Now an expert in her field, Peirson is eager to get information out to both families who have dealt with this condition and those who want to learn more.

She shares her expertise on Down syndrome, supplementation and the various biomedical interventions being used to help mitigate symptoms of this condition below.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Dr. Erica Peirson. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Kirkman Group, Inc. Continue reading

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Kirkman Family Environmental Health Newswatch August 2014

At Kirkman® we closely follow news about environmental toxins and their effects. We know you deserve the latest news, so we include this column of recent stories in each Kirkman Family NewsletterContinue reading

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In the Kitchen with Kirkman®: How to Pack a Healthy Back-to-School Lunch

Nora Tarte


By Nora Tarte
Contributing Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc. 

Children who are on the autism spectrum commonly have dietary restrictions that stop them from eating many of the foods found in cafeterias – think pizza, French fries and potato chips. So, before you rejoice that school is starting up again and revel in the free time you may now have during the day, take these steps to prep your student for success.

Packing a nutritious, allergy-free lunch is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for school preparation in a family with a child that has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Gluten-free bread, veggies sans genetically modified organisms (GMOs)  and dairy alternatives are just the starting point for many children with ASD as they often experience biomedical issues in addition to the other components of their condition. In this article, we will discuss some easy and creative options for packing a healthful lunch that won’t upset your child’s digestion or his/her day. Continue reading

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Back-to-School: It is Time for Multi-Vitamin Multiple Choice!


By Teri Arranga
Contributing Writer
Kirkman Group, Inc.


Every day in this busy family is like a back-to-school multiple choice test!  Does that sound like your family?

Most longtime Kirkman Family Newsletter readers know that my first choice when I started my son’s back-to-school career was the nutrient of Super Nu-Thera® from Kirkman®.  But now, we have multiple generations of family members, all of whom have unique health situations, and all of whom can benefit from multi-vitamin/multi-mineral support.  I’m a busy gal!  What in the world am I supposed to choose for my loved ones?  They sure didn’t teach us sandwich-generation moms this in school! Continue reading

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Kirkman Family Environmental Health Newswatch July 2014

At Kirkman® we closely follow news about environmental toxins and their effects. We know you deserve the latest news, so we include this column of recent stories in each Kirkman Family NewsletterContinue reading

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Get the Most from Your Probiotics with Kirkman’s Insider’s Guide


By Angela Rudolph
Marketing Assistant
Kirkman Group, Inc. 

Probiotics are live organisms that need to be kept cool in order to stay alive. With so many individuals taking probiotics daily to ensure optimal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, it’s not surprising that one of Kirkman’s most frequently asked questions is how to test viability of probiotics. Fortunately, Kirkman® does all it can to keep your probiotics safe and effective, especially during the summer.

Kirkman’s probiotics are set apart in the industry in many ways to make sure you get the potency stated on the label. First, Kirkman® packs significant overages of probiotics into each of the probiotic products that we manufacture, making the potency greater than what is stated on the label. This process is used to account for any die-off that may occur with the probiotic organisms and to ensure that the potency on the label is correct. Kirkman® also performs a nitrogen flush on each bottle prior to capping in order to eliminate moisture and keep the probiotics as dry as possible, and the glass bottles themselves are specially manufactured to ensure the contents stay cool and dry.  Continue reading

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